Be A Volunteer At FE 2012

Now that our schedule has been announced, you probably have some idea of what events you want to attend, and when. So if you have a few free hours, or perhaps plenty of free time... consider becoming part of the legion of angels that make up our Furnal Equinox volunteer team!

You don't need any previous experience... anyone can easily give us a helping hand! We have a number of volunteer jobs available, in roles such as setup and teardown, transportation, registration, the hospitality suite, video gaming, and more!

What about the perks? All of our volunteers get a bandana that's not only yours to keep but, when you’re wearing it, tells us that you're available to assist us. If you volunteer for 8 hours over the course of the convention, you'll get a free T-shirt, and for 12 hours or more you'll get free admission to FE 2013!

So head over to our Volunteer page for more details. Fill out the volunteer form and tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll get in touch with you to work around your schedule and assign you a role. And if you decide that you'd like to help out at the convention once you arrive, just come visit us in Con Ops. We won't have any difficulty finding a place for you!

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