Furnal Solstice 2018 - Updates

With the weather getting frosty, everyone’s looking for ways to stay warm and comfortable in the Fall (more like Winter) season. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck – we’re only three weeks away from Furnal Solstice, our way of providing a warm and welcoming social event for the furry community!

We’ve got some important updates for this year’s event that you’ll want to know:


As usual, you can buy your registration at-the-door at $20 per person. You will need a piece of government-issued photo ID to purchase a registration for the event, and minors must have a completed Parental Consent Form in order to attend. These new policies are aimed at ensuring we’re keeping consistency with our other events, and accounting for any minors that may be present to ensure everyone has a good time.

Pot-luck Snacks & Refreshments

We’ll be hosting our pot-luck style refreshments and dinner menu once again, where Furnal Equinox will be preparing the main turkey course along with a few sides, but we’ll be needing your help to make the feast even bigger and better. We’re looking for any sort of easy-to-prepare side dishes, snacks, or non-alcoholic beverage offerings for our event, and we’re open to any sort of contribution as long as it’s shareable and delicious! Please do keep in mind any allergy concerns, and if your contribution does have any common-allergy products such as nuts, please let us know or label your dish accordingly.

Events & Activities

We’re still looking for any volunteers to facilitate or host any small events or panels at Furnal Solstice – most ideas are open and available, from art jams to socials or even a tour around the surrounding Earl Bales park. Got an idea you’d like to host? Send an email our way to info@furnalequinox.com!


As we finalize our floor plans and our space available, we’re hoping to announce available table spaces for any vendors that are interested in showing off their wares and providing some holiday cheer with their craft! If you’re interested in a table space, we would be able to offer a maximum of one 6-foot table per interested vendor, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Stay tuned for updates!

Social Media

If you’ve got a Facebook account, you can join our event page to interact and learn more about the event and what’s happening. We’ll also be posting some updates leading closer to the event on our Twitter page – make sure you’re Following us, and keep your eyes open for important updates!