Charity Spotlight: Pet Patrol

It takes more than a few likes and subscriptions to help our furred friends

Our fandom thrives off love, mutual support, and generosity towards each other. Every year, we witness thousands of dollars being selflessly contributed to various charities and organizations across the continent, and even beyond – all in the name of seeing our beloved furry friends get a chance at a better life. At our tenth convention in 2019, we’re aiming to keep that tradition alive with our featured charity partner: Pet Patrol!

Pet Patrol is a volunteer-run, non-profit cat rescue organization in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Since 1996, they have been providing cats and kittens a second chance at a full life, and finding them a forever home with loving owners. Their tireless mission to rescue, re-habilitate, and re-home cats continues to save lives and bring smiles.

Whether you’re a fan or foe of felines, we’re all friends when it comes to supporting those in need. We’ve got a target milestone to support Pet Patrol with – their latest project, a new sanctuary for abandoned and stray cats in Wallenstein, will require at least $10,000 with any excess going to additional costs of maintenance and supplies. Furnal Equinox has championed the cause of charity for ten years running, and we want all our attendees to help us reach new heights while saving the lives of cats all over.

Learn more about our charity by visiting our Charity page!