Spotlight: Guests of Honour!

With two weeks to go until the biggest Graduation ceremony in furry history, we want you to meet our honorary graduates of the Class of FE’19. They’ve been big contributors to both local and international fandom – read on about their achievements!

Moth Monarch

Moth Monarch (AKA Mary Capaldi) is an independent and freelance artist originally hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have been designing characters for many years, with a keen interest in insects (particularly lepidoptera) and equally as talented with animal characters. If you’ve ever been to Anthrocon or seen their signature banners, street signs, and the official “Friends of Anthrocon” mascots, that’s all thanks to them! Combining a versatile art style with whimsical ideas, Moth has created memorable faces and experiences for both furries and non-furries alike.

They enjoy traveling to conventions and sometimes working alongside them to add a fun and engaging creative touch. Moth Monarch has worked with hundreds of private clients as well as organizations such as Anthrocon, Purdue University, and Penn State University. Now a resident of the Greater Toronto Area, Moth looks forward to connecting further with the Canadian furry community and contributing their style and ideas.

Follow MothMonarch on their Twitter, and check out their personal website!


Cat-Monk Shiro is a furry artist specializing in transformation and babyfur artwork. Originally from Saskatchewan, he currently resides in Brampton, Ontario with Moth Monarch. Shiro has been a longstanding member and supporter of the local community, while honing his art skills in the process. Veteran attendees of Furnal Equinox have seen his artwork gracing our convention for many years – he designed the original banner-signage for the convention, which brought life to our departments and provided helpful information for attendees for many years. What an upstanding Canadian, eh!

Shiro’s fursona is a gray tabby cat, and he has been an active member of the furry fandom since 2001. Don’t be afraid to greet him at the convention – he’ll be happy to see you!

Follow Catmonkshiro on his Twitter account, and his artwork on his FurAffinity page!


DontHugCacti (DHC) is a premier craft studio specializing in high quality costumes, fursuits, and mascots. With over ten years of experience and 500 costumes completed to date, the work of DHC can be found at conventions worldwide – you’ll probably see an army of them at Furnal Equinox, bringing joy to both their audiences and their wearers!

The couple behind DHC, Skuff and Lucky, pride themselves on being costumed performers like their customers. They wear their own creations and understand the importance of having a comfortable costume that their customers are proud to wear. They use the finest materials and the latest in 3D construction techniques to produce striking wearable artwork. Don’t let our words convince you – come to Furnal Equinox and see for yourself.

Follow them on their Twitter, and see their latest and greatest works on their website!