Furnal Equinox 2020: Official Cancellation Of Event

To our Community,

We have been committed to keeping our friends and fellow furries informed about the situation revolving around COVID-19 “Coronavirus”, while doing our best to maintain our convention’s integrity. However, due to unavoidable circumstances regarding public health and advisories from multiple levels of government and business partners, we regret to announce that Furnal Equinox 2020 is officially cancelled until further notice.

We know that this comes as a significant blow to all of us as everyone has exercised as much patience and caution as possible to keep our event going. However, our top priority has always been doing right by our attendees and the community at large, and our decision has been made with that priority in mind.

Q: What will happen to my registration? How can I get a rollover/donate/refund my registration?

A: Our team will be automatically rolling over all 2020 registrations to our next event, whether it be postponed to a later date or the 2021 convention (to be confirmed in the next few days). For those that would like to donate their registrations (not rollover) to ensure our convention’s success, or to receive a refund, please let us know by emailing registration@furnalequinox.com.

Q: I have a Dealers table, how can I rollover/refund my table?

A: We will be contacting all Dealers in the coming days with our revised policy for table rollovers, donations, or refunds. Please stay tuned for detailed messaging to follow for Dealers.

Q: How do I cancel my hotel room? Is there any penalty for doing so?

A: The Westin Harbour Castle is now allowing ALL attendees to cancel their room up to 24 hours before their check-in date, compared to the standard 72 hours. Please use the Westin Harbour Castle website or contact them directly through their phone channels, found on the website. If you cancel following the 24 hours before your check-in date, you will still be subject to a one-night stay charge.

For reservations at the Novotel overflow hotel, contact the Novotel directly using the contact information found on the Novotel Toronto Centre Hotel website.

Q: How can I get my money back for travel expenses, such as airfare and rentals?

A: We recommend contacting your travel provider, airline, or transit company for any refunds or changes that could be made. Due to the situation with COVID-19, many travel services and providers are offering refunds or changes for free – check with your arrangements to see if you qualify.

Q: What’s going to happen to Furnal Equinox?

A: At the moment, we’re continuing to work with our venue and business partners to establish the next steps for our event – rest assured, we’ll be back when we’re in a good position to hold our convention, and will keep you in the know as soon as we have a plan. Our business partners are also willing to work with us to ensure our future events are successful.

Q: Is there anything else I/we can do to help?

A: Our community has been wonderful with exercising patience, understanding, and empathy for each other and the organization, and all we can ask of is more of that. Further to that, we encourage all our attendees to support our Charity, the Hobbitstee Animal Rescue, and help realize their charity goals in place of our convention.
If you are in the financial position to do so, electing to support the con with your registration (as opposed to rollovers) would help us immensely in ensuring our next Furnal Equinox lives up to the legendary experiences as our previous years.

While this comes as an unfortunate result of the current global pandemic, we believe that our community will return stronger and more unified when we return from this crisis. Our success is not based on how we fall, but how we lift each other up in times of need, and we’re grateful to have everyone’s support in this situation. If you have any questions or further concerns, please reach out to us at info@furnalequinox.com and we’ll do our best to answer them.

From our team and family, thank you for your support in these unprecedented times. We’ll be back.


Aaeden, Convention Chair, representing and supported by the Furnal Equinox Directors
(Draculion, Eilowny, Kootenay, Olefin, Paroscin)

Scani, Board President, representing and supported by the Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario Board (Ace Shep, Dralen, Nasi, Nicnak, Skylier)