Catmonkshiro - Guest of Honour



Guest of Honour – Artist – Illustrator – Apologetically Canadian

FurAffinity – Catmonkshiro

A mellow, down to earth person with a love of laughter and a bit of a prankster streak, CatmonkShiro hails from the southern prairies of Saskatchewan but came to study and hone his craft right here in the greater Toronto area, where he currently resides. Known for his work with many different types of content, he specializes in transformation art, some of which would make even the most driven of tailors and cobblers weep…

He tends to do most of his work in livestreams, where his clients can interact and be a part of the creative process of their art every step of the way. He’s also a lover of all things music, and you’ll likely hear a wide variety of things in the streams as he works. CatmonkShiro tends to travel a lot, visiting numerous conventions and already has a great number of cons under his belt.

When not at work he tends to exercise his creative muscles in other ways, on games such as Minecraft and other sandbox style games.
Whether at work or at play, he will do his best to make people feel welcome and at ease in his company, as well as greet you with one of his signature hugs. (Prepare your spines!)

Maya Night Time
Tiggs Large in the Spotlight
Dawn Rises Again
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