Dealer Den


Dealer Den

Our Dealers have all the art and accessories you need.



With a massive space and plenty of dealers of all crafts, you won’t be disappointed with what our Dealers’ Den has to offer. Come prepared with your wallets and your ideas – our dealers are ready for you.

Dealers’ Information Package 2020 (coming soon)

Photo by Kiba Wolf

Dealer Den Layout



F-14 + F-15

I make fursuit accessories of all sort, Bandana, collar, leash, harness, shemagh, props and more! I also sell fursuit parts, such as feet, tails and handpaws! I also have a series of patch to let you decorate anything you wants!



Crafts, Artwork, Accessories and Clothing. Things like plushies, tails, ears, kimonos, keychains and more.

Alpha-Wave Productions


a small press company that produces all ages and adult only content as well as licensed material from Antarctic Press (ninja high school, Mighty Tiny , etc)

Animal Shapes


I offer prints and posters of my digital art, as well as enamel pins, stickers, bookmarks, and traditional sketches. You can find examples of my work on Twitter ( and Tumblr (

Guest of Honour – Anyare’s Art

A-1 + A-2

Custom Artwork Commissions – Digital and Traditional – including Badges, Sketches, Coloured Artworks and More!

Prints, Originals, Stickers and other goodies available!


Apoxon Industries

E-10 + E-11

I make and sell artist-designed, realistic hoodies and kigurumi, as well as fursuit props and accessories.

To see examples of my work, please visit:

Art by Sandy Schreiber


Hand-drawn badges, sketches and watercolor portraits commissions will be completed at the convention. Prints, original art and hand-painted china will be for sale at the dealer table.

Art of Zarya3D & Mr. Boogers

D-1 + D-2

A dynamic duo of local artists offering prints, buttons, 3D printed pieces, and commissions of 3D artwork & 2D illustration.

Atelier Shevmo


Soft plush creations and other fiber accessories made to love! From real world critters to mythical creations, always cute and ready for cuddles.

ASIDMAB Jewellery / Galaxy Teas


ASIDMAB Jewellery sells Hand crafted costume jewellery. Galaxy Teas sells teas

Bahamut Dawn Creations


We make nerdy/geeky animal themed clothing, charms, stickers, 2d fursona commissions, jewellery, 3d printed pieces and more!

Beast Horizon


Small queer studio who utilize innovative production methods to create realistic fursuits and fursuit parts.

Beast Within

C-2 + C-3

Buttons, Stickers, Charms & Keychains! We also have T-shirts, Underwear and much more! All hand crafted and designed by igglypou.



Bittythings, maker of itty bitty beasts! I use polymer clay to create gryphons, dragons, cats, dogs, toads and everything in between! Come say hello and behold my bitty beasts!

Blue Thread Only!!


Blue Thread Only provides various fursuit props including bandanas, food items and fursuit parts! If im not lazy, maybe even a whole fursuit partial! I will also be bringing back classic 1 dollar sketches in, you guessed it, Blue Ink!!

Bratty Bat Art


Get yourself an on-spot commission by Candy Shybat! Or just enjoy our merch: t-shirts, prints, pins, stickers and more!

Bunnai Arts


Back again for our sixth year! BunBun is open for both traditional and digital commissions! Come on over to snag some great art and some free candy!

Cackling Hyena


A small time artist who sells a various of things. From stickers to custom made acrylic badges.
She also sells prints, daki’s and other sort’s of merchandise, custom or originals!

Camp Feral!


Camp Feral!



Ottawa’s capital furry convention, now entering our 5th year. It’s full steam ahead as we ride the Steampunk Rails this July 31 to August 2, 2020!


B-10 + B-11

Chu is the creator of the award-winning webcomic Slightly Damned as well as The Junk Hyenas Diner and other comics. Graphic novels, t-shirts, plush dolls, keychains, lanyards, and stickers sold. Next-day badge commissions available! Chu speaks intermediate Japanese and basic American Sign Language.


G-10 + G-11

A place to find cute animals and interesting creatures. All with a story to tell of their own! Charms, pins, plush, and more!

Cinnamon Rabbit Creations


Hi, Cinnamon Rabbit Creations (CRC) makes premade and commissioned fursuits, art and jewellery. Swing by for a quote or just to say hello!
– Cinna Bunni

Clawsome Creations


A crafty corner where you can find Fursuit Partials, Fursuit Pieces and of course plushy props and more!

Crazdude Art & Design


Crazdude specializes in realistic, semi-realistic, and toony SFW anthropomorphic and wildlife. She offers commissions for take-home as well as unique merchandise. Stop by for prints and printed products that all feature original designs. Whether you’re hunting for small merch (like enamel pins, buttons and stickers) or apparel (like hoodies, T-shirts, and tank tops), Crazdude is a must see!

Cubic Fox Designs


Maker of Drinkware and Geekware; coasters, pins, game tokens, dice towers, and even tabletop miniatures.

Daley Kreations

D-14 + D-15

Daley Kreations is dedicated to providing high quality thermoplastics, silicone, and other SFX/cosplay/fursuiting supplies. Ask us about Varaform – perfect for making lightweight, BREATHABLE fursuit heads. Our Handmade By DK line showcases original artwork, masks, and other “Kreations”.

Darbington Design


A cool gerbil who does art! Prints, pins, stickers and all sorts of goodies. Badges and on the spot commissions will be available as well!

Dark Bunny Sauces


The Fandom’s premiere vendor of hot and dessert sauces, making all of your meals better! Dark Bunny Sauces offers things for people of all spice tolerances.



Fursuit maker

Distant Twilight Books


Journals and notebooks of the handmade variety. Bring your artist prints and I will turn them into a custom journal.

Guest of Honour – Dr. Wildlife

B-1 + B-2

IRL Zoologist who sometimes posts cool animal facts that people seem to like. Guest of Honor for #FE2020.

Dragonstorm Studios


Local fantasy artist here! We offer original artwork, prints, fursuit accessories and more, as well as at-con commissions.



Eevachu is a multimedia artist who offers on-site art commissions, art prints, posters, buttons, stickers, comics, zines, magnets, keychains, bandannas, enamel pins and sew-on patches.

Emberra’s Art


A freelance artist taking badge commissions, selling Lanyards, stickers and more!

Foxes and Peppers


Fox and Pepper will be selling CDs and Vinyl records containing original music by fandom musicians.


I-3 + I-4

Back by popular demand; chocolate chip dog bone biscuits! Available in singles or multi packs. We will also be offering hand paws, fursuit repairs on the spot as well as fix-it-kits for those who wish to repair on the go. The original pride, pronoun and permission badges will be back along with our giant paw pillows. Stop by and say hi!

Fur The Win Studios

A-6 + A-7

Fursuit accessories, reparations, Ready To Fur heads and more !

Gideon’s Corral


I specialize in all things big! Hyper, macro, muscles, over the top guys and gals is my game! I’ll be drawing in sketchbooks, selling digital art folios, books, posters and original art. Stop on by and say hi!

Happy Suiters


I make a variety of things, such as fursuits, (all parts, mainly tails and paws (feet and hand). Bagdes, pins, accessories such as collars, and stuffies.

Heather Bruton Illustration


Fantasy and furry prints. Bookmarks and stickers. Sketch services. Original art.

Homemade Horrors


Homemade Horrors is a unique line of articulated fantasy sculptures, designed and brought to life by co-artists Worms and Bones. Handcrafted and durable enough to tag along on all your adventures, they’re more than art, they’re friends for life.

Horse Fiddle Press

F-1 + F-2

Owner and Designer Tian Yu & Sustai Ulanbaagen, We make merchandises base on our original illustrations based on Asian cultures.

Hunters Creations


Hello! We’re Hunters Creations!
We sell custom foam fursuit head bases and feet bases as well as fursuit parts such as tails and paws and feet and so much more! We also offer digital art, acrylic keychains, enamel pins and much more art-related stuff!

Inferno Cat Toys


Officially licensed Japanese import toys and plush. Specializing in Pokemon goods and blind box figures.



Jerry Digital Paint


Hey, I’ll be opening to taking commissions, and selling variety of merch including Signed Prints, Stickers, Pins. Come check it out. you won’t be disappointed!

Joshiah’s Written Works


Your one stop shop for all things literary, Joshiah’s Written Works is going back in time to bring you the best form of retro entertainment: books! With novels, novellas and story commissions available on site in a variety of genres, we’ve got your word fix!


C-14 + C-15

Traditional and Digital artist, I take in commissions, work on prints, custom badges, YCH’s, character design’s and fursuit supplies!

KariPup Illustrations


I am a freelancing illustrator. I specialize in furry related artworks. I do commissions and have personalized merchandise such as stickers, button pins, keychains, and booklets.

Kipachie Illustrations


Creator of custom artwork, commissions, and original furry fantasy art. Carries bookmarks, key chains, prints, badges, lanyards, and other custom art!

Kitamon Plush


Kitamon Plush have been making custom plushies for over 12 years of all kinds like Digimon, Pokemon, Own Characters and even worked with video game company’s like Sony.



My colourful table offers prints, commissions, stickers, and charms!

Kurenji’s Workshop and SystemSayoo


Two young Canadian artists selling for the first time! Fursuit maker and artist, will be offering prints, t-shirts, sketches, badges, and maybe even a premade partial!

Leeoh Fox


Various Digitial & Traditional Art Products.
With a focus on Cute, Kawaii, Little-Space, and Custom Art. We sell T-Shirts, Stickers, Buttons, Badges and More!

Little Dragon Corp

E-14 + E-15

Dice manufacturing and designer of awesome pretty nerdy items

Moth Monarch


Original insect-inspired accessories and artwork, from screenprinted bandanas to enamel pins, stickers, charms, and more all designed by the artist! Furry and fantasy art prints as well as sketch, ink, and badge commissions available on-site and for take-

Nathan Nun Art


Fantasy and history themed cat and animal art.



A full time graphic artist from Quebec!
Lots of goodies to offer from t-shirts, enamel pins, acrylics as well as custom on-spot and take home commissions!

Nomad Complex


Nomad Complex is Canadas own furry-forward clothing line. T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, Bandanimals, underwear and much much more to choose from!

Not Really Daily

G-14 + G-15

Prints, charms, and other goodies like stickers and body pillow covers! As well as on site digital badges! As in… Drawn, printed, and laminated on site, right in front of you!

Novastar Arts


Cute and colourful arts for all! I have a variety of cute vinyl decals, stickers, enamel pins, prints, and more! And of course, a large variety of commissions!!



Pizza theme ?
u w u

I kinda draw LOL

Ookami Kemono


Cute Chibi Badges and artwork!



Dakimakura, badges, pencil cases, charms, prints, commissions, posters, t-shirts

Pearlesqued Creations

G-12 + G-13

Digital illustrator with a passion for creating art of a cute, queer, occult, and ethereal nature. I sell enamel pins, custom resin jewellery, chibi commissions, art prints, and stickers!

PixlPhantasy’s Prints and Particulars


Offering quality prints and other trinkets. Offsite commissions are also available.
Find me on deviantART, Furaffinty and Twitter as PixlPhantasy.

Retro Deals


A booth selling a variety of retro/furry themed toys plush games movies CDs candies and 3D Printed goodies.

Robin Pro Art


Robin (Formerly Amara) is here to make adorable art for you! Con badges, mini paintings and random drawings are available. They also have furry, science and pride themed prints, colouring books, buttons, and charms for your perusal! See their work at or

Rococo Neko

A-12 + A-13

Anime pin back buttons, cosplay ears & tails, embroidered goods, collars, t-shirts and original artwork. Open for commissions.

SewingStuffs Fursuits


Maker of fursuits since 2015. I specialize in both toony and semi realistic suits.

Shea Parfait


Sweet and cute

Shiro Design


Selling badges and on-site commissions as well as a some t-shirts and stickers

Sibi Fursuits


A local fursuit maker with a fiery passion for fursuits and dragons.



Do you like teeth? Do you like peets? Well then you’ve come to the right place!
You will find an assortments of stickers, enamel pins and traditional work here at my table! Dont be shy and come say hi! I dont bite…hard~

Squire Sword Standees


I make amazing 3d printed animal bones and awesome foamcore standees!

Studio NLM


Independent cartooning and animation studio working on short films and interactive experiences.

StudioShippy / Fursona Toys


StudioShippy does sketch and badge commissions, has enamel pins, keychains, mini print packets, and kink paw badges. Fursona Toys will show off the new paint-your-own canine bases.

Tatsumichi and Shenanigan

E-5 + E-6

Artwork, comics, stickers, and more.

Teeka The Orca


Custom art and merch featuring cute badges, illustrations, stickers and more!

Tentakal Creations


Maker of fursuits, plush props, and accessories! We also offer on-site repairs and off-site refurbishments

TFOTR/Bat Tracks


Offering, prints, charms, pillow cases, commissions, and more in the style of kimono.

That One Pink Dog Studios


We are a Digital & Traditional arts company that specializes in drawing toony-themed animals custom. More recently, we’ve also started making fursuits! We offer a variety of different merch and accessory options as well for those who want premade items.

The Art Of Nicole


Artwork by Nicnak!


The Forge – Animation House


Meet and greet professional animation veterans Andy Powell and Daniella Demysh (Fnook, and Daemonysh). Exclusive prints and t-shirts for the first time ever. Custom sketches by the artists.

The Gryphon Generation


Alex Bizzell’s Gryphon Generation novels, Jerseys, Hats, Pins, Stickers, Prints


C-4 + C-5

We are a Canadian-based company that sells a wide range of giftware online and at conventions! Items ranging from plushies to collectibles.

We will be offering a lot of cute animal plushies such as foxes, bear and whales.

The Littlest Gift Boutique strives to provide customers with the cutest and most unique gifts that are of high quality at affordable prices.

We make gift-giving easy because when you shop with The Littlest Gift Boutique, you know they will love it.

The Living Shadow


I’m an artist from Brampton, Ontario and I’ll be selling prints and all kinds of commissions such as sketches, illustrations, paintings, badges and ref sheets as well as stickers and zines as well!

The Silver Dragon

B-14 + B-15

Handmade sterling silver and bronze jewellery from geeky to fantasy and everything in between!

The Tiger Writes


The writer behind the Tristan series, death by Predation, Inheriting the Line, and the Demons series.

The Worlds of Jason Finigan


Jason Finigan’s novels would make a perfect addition to the library of sci-fi enthusiasts. At once adventurous, entertaining and funny, Jason’s writing leads his readers into a world of fantasy where they get to explore and feel what it might be like to m

Twilight Knights Cosplay


A-8 + A-9

We make everything from tails, paws, bandanna’s, decals, fursuit sprays and even premades! We also offer small onsite repairs so make TKC your one stop shopping destination for all your furry needs!



Hi! aim uukipi and i sell anime furry / kemono and pokemon inspired goods! Come to my table to get all your kawaii needs as a charm, poster, pin, and many more!

Waffle Wishes

F-5 + F-6

High Fantasy Anthro Art on soft cuddly things! Pillows, Pajamas, Plushies, and other soft non-P things! (Blankets?)


We sell fursuits! Come see our selection of DIY parts, accessories or maybe even take home one of our artist-designed creations!



Art of Psalm! On-site commissions taken the whole weekend, prints, enamel pins, stickers, dakimakuras, and more!



I will be offering traditional commissions, badges, original artwork and prints. I also sell handmade books, ornaments, pins, bookmarks and as always 25 cent stickers. I will be bringing a selection of my semi-3d wall hangings too. Check at my table to see what convention and/or badge specials I have on offer this year!


Dealers Den Applications have closed. Please check back later for the finalized Dealers List and Map, or contact us for more information.