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Lucky Coyote and Skuff Coyote (Cherie’ and Sean O’Donnell) are the founders of Don’t Hug Catci LLC, a premier craft studio specializing in custom fursuits and animal costumes. Since launching DHC in April 2007, the coyote duo have collaborated on more than 600 costumes and have grown into one of the world’s best-known and most prolific fursuit-manufacturing companies. Their highly recognizable suits can be found at conventions and events worldwide.

Don’t Hug Cacti was founded after Lucky and Skuff – then both living in the Chicago area, and both interested in animal-themed costuming – became frustrated with the quality and service they experienced while trying to commission their own costumes. They established DHC (named after Skuff’s old instant-messenger handle) with the mission of making it easy, affordable and reliable for anyone to commission a high-quality fursuit. Today they continue to produce new work along with DHC’s two other employees, while also often performing in their own suits as well.

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Lucky (a yellow coyote barn owl) primarily crafts DHC’s fursuit heads. She has been interested in costuming and cartoon animals her entire life, building her first ears at age five and creating her first fursona by age nine. She maintains a love of animals both real and animated, with interest also in Disney, animation, veganism, dancing, storytelling and clowns.

Skuff, DHC’s body and paws expert, studied 3D design at Chicago State University and played Division 1 golf for the school; he continues to regularly compete in local and national amateur golf tournaments. His other hobbies include classical music, poker, hiking, psychology, and eating copious amounts of pizza.

Lucky and Skuff are married and live in Phoenix, Arizona, with two dogs, a Dutch rabbit and a scorpion.

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