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General Questions

What is Furnal Equinox? What’s this whole ‘furry’ deal?
You can find out more about our convention, our community, and what we’re involved in on our About Furnal Equinox page!

What should I bring to the convention?
Check out this handy packing list for what we recommend bringing to the convention.

Do I need to be a ‘furry’ or wear animal costumes to be a part of this convention?
Not at all – there is no requirement to be a part of our convention (other than registering for a membership badge), and many of our attendees come as they are. Costumes and accessories are just part of the fun!

What’s the general rating of the convention?
All public areas of our convention are kept at a “PG” rating, and enforced by our Security teams. Areas and/or events that are marked “Mature” or “18+” will be stated explicitly in our Programming guide. Please note that parents/guardians/chaperones are responsible for the supervision of minors around marked areas.

Is the convention space accessible for mobility-challenged attendees?
The Westin Harbour Castle’s facilities are all accessible, whether by elevator or ramp. If you require extra accommodation because of a disability, please let us know at info@furnalequinox.com.

I’m not sure if this convention’s suitable for me, or someone I know. Who can I ask?
We’re here to help you have the best experience possible. Let us know of your concerns/issues by e-mailing us at info@furnalequinox.com.

Can I volunteer at this convention?
We’d love to have you join our team! Click here to visit our Volunteers page to find out more.

Can I take pictures or film this event?
Attendees who wish to record any sort of media for personal enjoyment are encouraged to do so! For individuals or media personnel who are recording our events for research, reporting, or commercial uses must be approved by the Media Relations officer, wear a convention-given Media Pass at all times, and comply with all requests made. More information on requesting media partnership with Furnal Equinox can be made to pr@furnalequinox.com


I’m not sure if I registered or not. How can I check?
Reach out to our Registration department at registration@furnalequinox.com for assistance – they will be able to verify.

How much does registration cost for events?
You can found our convention admission prices on our Register page. Pricing for other events can be found on each respective events’ page.

I’m only able to attend one day – do I have to buy a full registration?
If you can only make one day of the convention, we offer a day pass to save you money. Day passes have all the same privileges as an ATTENDEE for a single day. Day passes may be upgraded to a full membership by paying the difference in cost. See our Registration page for pricing on day passes.

Can I give my badge to someone else if I can’t attend?
There is no absolutely no transferring, exchanging, loaning, selling, or giving away your badge to another person. Doing so will immediately void the badge and incur severe penalties. Please contact registration@furnalequinox.com for assistance on what to do if you cannot attend.

Do government-issued health cards work as Photo ID?
We are able to accept government-issued health cards as Photo ID, but they must have an identifying photo on the card.

I don’t have any government-issued Photo ID. What can I do?
For Ontario residents, we recommend applying for an Ontario Photo Card. For attendees traveling from abroad, we encourage you to explore options on Photo ID that would qualify as government-issued. Reach out to our Registration department at registration@furnalequinox.com for assistance on Photo ID.

I’m a minor (under 18 years old at the time of the convention) – what do I need to do?
All minors must complete a Parental Consent Form and bring it to the convention when picking up their badge. Minors under the age of 15 must also have a parent/guardian with them at all times in convention space. Children under the age of 6 years and supervised by a parent/guardian at all times are admitted for free – please contact our Registration department if you plant to bring a child so we may accommodate you.

I require a support person to help with a recognized disability (as defined by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Do they have to pay?
The support person is not required to pay an admission fee – however, you must contact our Registration department in advance and notify them of your needs so we may accommodate you.

Do you still sell night passes for the dances?
Unfortunately, we do not sell night passes for our events. You must purchase a valid membership to participate in convention events and functions.

Can I refund my Registration?
If you can’t attend the convention, please contact the Registration department immediately. We will issue refunds based upon the following schedule:

  • You can cancel up until the pre-registration deadline and receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel after the preregistration deadline, your registration fee will be rolled forward to next year’s convention.
  • If we don’t receive any notice before the first day of the convention, we cannot provide any refund or roll-forward
  • Refunds are not available once an attendee has picked up their convention badge at the event.

Please be advised that refunds will only be issued in Canadian funds by your initial method of payment.



What is the hotel and convention centre like?

Located right on the waterfront, the Westin Harbour Castle stands prominently on the Toronto skyline and boasts breathtaking views of the city and Lake Ontario. A contemporary-style, pristine venue that has ample space for all sorts of events, it’s also a convenient location for all major travel routes and easy to find.

How do I get there?

Check out our Travel page for more information on getting to Furnal Equinox!

What dining/nightlife options are available?

The surrounding Harbourfront area has no shortage of dining and nightlife, and all within a few minutes’ walk from the Westin. From affordable bites such as Tim Horton’s and Subway to unique cuisines in and around the hotels, you’ll never be without options. There’s also a pretty cool pub called “The Fox” just two minutes away from the Westin – they’ve got some great affordable fare. Don’t forget about the Beaver Tails shack just 5 minutes down the street for some delicious treats.

I can’t book a room! Have they all sold out?
Our rooms sell as fast, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible! If there are no available rooms appearing through our booking partner, wait a few days before trying again – we might just need to snag a few more rooms for our convention block. Alternatively, you can also try looking at ConRoomies for potential room shares and ride shares!

Is the hotel accessibility-friendly?

The hotel and convention centre are designed to be wheelchair-accessible and accommodate a variety of accessibility needs. If you require any assistance at the convention, or have questions about the venue space, please e-mail us with your concerns.

Is smoking/vaping/marijuana allowed?

There is absolutely no smoking or vaping allowed in hotel/convention spaces unless designated by the venue. Please respect and abide by these rules.

Is there a one-night deposit required for the Westin?
We want to ensure that rooms in our hotel block are guaranteed. While there are no longer one-night deposit charges for the Westin, in order to ensure that there is no “cheating” or scalping of rooms, we will be actively monitoring all reservations to ensure fairness for our attendees.
(Please note: Visa/MC Online Debit cards are acceptable; however, we do NOT recommend using them.)

Why am I seeing an extra charge for three or four people on my reservation?
There is no extra charge for having up to four guests for your room reservation – though you may see an extra charge applied to your booking, it will be negated during your checkout when you pay. If you encounter any issues after the convention with extra charges for three or four registered guests in your room, contact us for assistance.

Security & Attendee Policies

PLEASE NOTE: The following questions are not an exhaustive list of Rules at our convention. You may find our Code of Conduct, which every attendee is bound to, by clicking here.

I’m not sure if what I’m wearing / bringing around the convention is appropriate. Who do I ask?

Our Security team can help you with questions regarding acceptable attire, costume, and props around the convention. Send an e-mail to security@furnalequinox.com and they’ll be happy to advise you.

Can I get into the convention space without a badge? Can I bring a friend through without a badge?
All attendees must be wearing their visible convention badges in designated “con space”, which is defined as space used exclusively by Furnal Equinox members. If you need help regarding badges, such as lost or stolen badges, please approach a Security team member at the convention.

I lost/misplaced my badge. Can I still get in?
Furnal Equinox is a “Paid Attendance” Event. Every attendee is expected to show proof of registration upon request from a Staff member or Security member. If you have lost your badge, you can purchase a temporary/permanent replacement registration from our Registration staff located to the right of the top of the escalators. These only cost $20 dollars (CDN) and will be refunded to you should you find your original badge. Giving your badge away to someone else and attempting to buy a replacement of the same badge constitutes as “ghosting”, or accessing convention space without your own paid badge, and will incur severe penalties for all persons involved.

Can I bring my pet to the convention?
Pets are not permitted in event space for safety and allergy-related reasons, unless cleared beforehand by Furnal Equinox for specific events (i.e. Charity animals). Service animals are permitted under the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act).

I have a concern about the convention that I’d like to address.
We want to make sure you’re safe and secure while enjoying yourself at our convention. Let us know of your concerns at security@furnalequinox.com

The following section is specific to Furnal Equinox’s Apparel Guidelines
Why is Furnal Equinox instituting an “alternative apparel” policy?

  • To provide a time and space for self-expression among attendees who might be interested in doing so (while still being respectful to those who are less comfortable)
  • To provide transparency to our attendees on what apparel we consider acceptable (please remember we’re an event in downtown Toronto);
  • To ensure consistency among our staff in evaluating acceptability of apparel.

We know that in previous years, our practices on apparel were not consistent or well communicated, and we understand that is frustrating for attendees. We’re hoping this is the right step forward in addressing this.

Why are fursuits not part of the list?
Fursuits do not fall under “alternative apparel” as they are a common item that speaks to the core interests of the fandom. However, all alternative apparel restrictions apply to fursuiters as they do for any attendee.

Why is there a big focus on gear related to pup play?
As our convention grows, we have many different panels, events, and groups which come and go. We want to foster an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, as well as give groups support to grow in a healthy manner. The intent of the guidelines are not made to single out any particular group, but to provide guidance for things which have increased in popularity and demand.

Why is X item only allowed at a certain panel?
Certain items pose risks if there ever were an emergency at Furnal Equinox, and your safety is most important. That is why we will only allow them under the proper supervised conditions so that the wearer has someone to take care of them.

What if what I want to wear is not on that list?

  • At the convention, please check with a director and/or security to ensure that it is appropriate for the convention space, and the time.
  • Before the convention, please reach out to draculion@furnalequinox.com and he will happily look into the attire you wish to wear.

To make your convention smoother and help our staff address your concerns, please e-mail us before the convention and, if possible, attach a picture. Our staff take your privacy and comfort very seriously and will do our best to help.

Why 9 pm-3 am?
We’ve deemed that 9 pm is a fair time to relax our rules, and accommodates more time where we’ve found alternative apparel tends to be most popular (such as the dance) — this is also when we would schedule programming that’s more friendly to its display where applicable.

Is it okay for me to wear my alternative apparel in the hallways or elevator of the hotel?
Yes, but please do it respectfully, and make your way directly from your hotel room to the convention space or vice versa. Entering other hotel spaces or public spaces may be considered a disruption to other guests, and we would be required to take action if we received any complaints from the hotel or others.

What if security says my apparel was inappropriate and asked me to change?
First: please comply with the request to change clothing if asked. You are welcome to ask questions about what was unacceptable, but please be respectful.
If you believe, after reviewing the policy, that your apparel is appropriate, please take a photograph of the attire (If you feel comfortable enough to do so) and contact the head of security or the Director on duty for a second review. The decision made by the director or head of security is final.

I’d like to share my feedback / question / concerns on the policy.
We’d love to hear your feedback. Please send us an email at info@furnalequinox.com and we’ll be happy to work with you.


How can I find out what panels/events are happening at the convention?
We’ve got a wide variety of informative and entertainment panels that happen at Furnal Equinox, including arts & craftsmanship, literature, comedy, discussion & focus groups, and stage performance. You’ll be able to view our Programming schedule online approximately one month before the convention, or at the convention located within the convention book.

Where do panels take place?
Most of our panels take place within the convention space (Westin Harbour Castle Convention Center). However, there may be one or two panels that are specifically designated outside of panel rooms – they will be marked on the Programming guide.

Can I film or record panels?
We strongly encourage asking the panel host for permission before recording any panel. Large-scale panels, such as the Dance Competition or Fursuit Games, are encouraged to be recorded. Please see our Media Policy for details on sharing photos containing identifiable persons.

I’d like to see a specific panel at Furnal Equinox. How I can suggest a panel?
You can suggest a panel to our Programming team by sending them an e-mail at programming@furnalequinox.com!

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