Floor Wars

Floor Wars

Dance battles with an action-packed furry twist.

Nemesis dancing on a dance floor

Photo by Light Wav Media

Are you ready to witness one of the furry fandom’s most exciting events in Toronto? Floor Wars, hosted by Last-Fur-One, brings together some of the best dancers in our community (both fursuiters and non-suiters) for an evening of epic dance battles! Whether you’re a new fan of community or a seasoned attendee, you’ll be cheering loudly with each move and dancer.

Please check back later for sign up information for Furnal Equinox 2021’s Floor Wars, which will open starting in January 2021.

Competitor Information

1 – There will be a “preliminaries” panel for those that are interested in competing

This is a closed panel with no spectators (handlers are allowed). This will be held in the Main Ballroom. Attendance is mandatory for those wishing to participate in the fursuit dance competition. All interested competitors must arrive at least 15 minutes before panel start time (Friday afternoon). There NO at-door sign ups for the competition – you must sign up online in advance. Due to the increasing number of competitors, the preliminaries may involve cuts based on competitor’s performance.

2 – Competitor attire/dress code rules

Non-suit Division

  • Whatever dancing clothes you like wearing
  • No revealing attire
  • No offensive graphics, logos, slogans, or images

Fursuit Division:

  • Minimum head, hands, feetpaws/”happy feet” footwear
  • Minimize skin exposure where possible

3 – Battle rules and etiquette

  • No violent or obscene contact with other dancers.
  • No interrupting other dancers’ sets (taking up floor space, interfering).
  • No props allowed (other than clothing on you).
  • No excessive “burns”, offensive gestures, or signalling – this is a PG rated event.
  • No waiting out songs/requesting a song change. Part of the event format is randomized songs.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME AND READY TO BATTLE. NO EXCEPTIONS (at least 30 minutes before the event start time). If you are not here by 15 minutes before event start-time (e.g. 6:45 pm for a 7 pm start time), you WILL be replaced.
  • Furnal Equinox is not liable for injuries/damaged equipment/clothing.
  • Have fun and support each other!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I throw/use props? Unless cleared beforehand by the event organizer, no.

Are there breaks for fursuiters? Water supplies? We try to provide these for all suiters, depending on the venue – but please come prepared with all you need, especially cooling devices and hydration.

What music genres are played at Floor Wars? As a competitor, be prepared to dance to a variety of music from hip-hop to electronic to pop.

Battle Format

Each dancer will get a predetermined amount of time to dance(depending on the event/division), then a dancer from the opposing side will dance, and dancers will alternate back & forth. If you’re confused, refer to previous Floor Wars videos from other furry conventions (all found on YouTube). In team battles, all members of the teams must go out once per battle.

Judging of competitors in the event is done by a majority-rules vote that takes place right after a battle ends, with the winning competitor moving on in the bracket. Judging is based on some of the following criteria:

  • Dynamics: – degree of difficulty is high, appeals to crowd and judges
  • Originality: – moves are unique and not repetitive, or mimicked
  • Personality: – dancer adds own character/flavor to their dance
  • Execution: – moves flow well with the music, no sloppiness or mistakes
  • Response: – how your moves/actions respond to your opponent

While this is a competition, remember to enter with a mindset of having fun and sharing your talent and love with the crowd and your fellow dancers.


In case of any questions, comments, or emergencies regarding the dance competition, please feel free to contact the organizer at ronnie@furnalequinox.com.
For the A/V staff, should you have any concerns about music or lighting at this event, please contact av@furnalequinox.com.