Sit back and relax, or enjoy some light entertainment.

We’ll have more information regarding our Lounge soon. Check back in Fall 2018, or stay tuned to our social media announcements!

Video Gaming

We’ve got a dedicated space for all your video gaming entertainment – from classic retro gaming to the latest and greatest in high-definition action, look no further than our Video Gaming section to get your game on.

Tabletop Gaming

It’s always a fun time when you crack open a board game or two with some friends. Or depending on the game, you might just make some rivals instead. Either way, come and join some polite company and roll, duel, and barter your way to victory!


Every fursuit’s worth a glamour shot, or several. Our Photobooth team’s got the gear and the eye to make you shine – and it’s entirely for free. Come on down in your best fursuit or costume, and strike your best pose for our photogra-furs!