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Moth Monarch

Guest of Honour – Artist – Graphic Designer – Ruler of bugs

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Moth Monarch is an independent artist and designer originally hailing from Philadelphia. After attending their first furry convention in 2009, Moth set to work building a creative career and became a full-time professional in 2013. Their keen interest in insects and animals inspires much of their art, from furry-relevant cartoons and colorful characters to scientific illustration and fashion design. Moth employs both digital and traditional media to create new products and illustrations as well as commissions for private and commercial clients. Their fine inkwork and attention to detail are signature traits across their broad body of work.

Moth is perhaps best known in the furry fandom for creating the “Friends of Anthrocon” mascot characters and for their live sketches of various performers’ shows at conventions and online. Their love of travel and adventure has led them to showcase their art at events across the US and Canada. Moth has been active in Canadian furry circles for several years and recently moved to the Greater Toronto Area.

When not busy drawing, Moth Monarch enjoys relaxing video games, photography, cooking, and rearing giant silkmoths. They often help out at conventions and love a good set at any con dance. Moth is fueled almost entirely by black coffee.

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