Panels, socials, exciting shows, and more – you’ll have a busy weekend.

Photo by Kiba Wolf

At Furnal Equinox, we’re always striving to provide high-quality and informational panels and events that are hosted by our very own community members. From workshops on drawing to tea socials, to over-sized cats playing with boxes and game shows, there’s always something to do at our convention.

With the cancellation of our 2020 event due to public health concerns, we will be re-visiting Programming for 2021. Check back later this year for more details.

Panelist Rewards

We know how much effort it takes to run an event or panel – Furnal Equinox is one giant event, after all! We want to make sure our panelists feel valued and give back to them for lending their expertise.

Panelist rewards are based on the number of hours spent running a panel, and are subject to further criteria if deemed necessary. Current panelist rewards per number of hours:

  • 1 hour – Two (2) $5 con store vouchers
  • 2 hours – Four (4) $5 con store vouchers
  • 3+ hours – Attending-level Registration for the next Furnal Equinox
  • Photo by Kiba Wolf

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of panels can I host?

    Furnal Equinox welcomes panel applications for all kinds of panels and events. Some suggestions include hosting educational panels where subjects like visual arts, literature, and other creative arts are taught, or hosting a social event for special-interest groups. If you’d like to check if your idea is appropriate for Furnal Equinox, contact us at!

    How many panels can I apply for?

    As many as you want! The more panels, the more fun you and everyone else are likely to have! However, please note that rewards are only given once for each tier and cannot be claimed multiple times for running panels.

    When will I hear back regarding my panel application?

    Our Programming team receives a lot of panel applications each year, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to sort through them all in a speedy fashion. We aim to approve ALL panels by the end of the calendar year from the time that panel submissions open.

    Are adult/after-dark panels allowed?

    Furnal Equinox generally allows for a select number of adult-themed, or “after-dark” panels that are scrutinized much more than regular panel applications, to ensure the safety of both the panel’s audience and the convention as a whole. Please remember that Furnal Equinox is an all-ages event and applications with this nature may be subject to further collaboration with our Programming team, and may be more likely rejected.