Volunteer with Us

Help us make the magic happen in Toronto.

Volunteers helping at the registration table

Photo by Kiba Wolf

Every aspect of our convention happens with volunteers. From check in at Registration, to panels and events, to the AV and Operations crews that keep the show running smoothly. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to help put together an event of this magnitude, or want to meet like-minded and helpful furries, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and make the convention legendary for everyone.

Volunteer Rewards

We try to reward our team members fairly, and we want to make sure we give you proper consideration for your time and effort!

Signing up gets you our standard Volunteering Button. Even if you’re only willing to put in a small amount of time, we want to give you something for just having the courage and dedication to come to us to see what you can do.

4 hours of Volunteering gets you a unique Certified Volunteer Button! This will be a tribute to going above the minimum to make our event great!

8 hours of Volunteering will get you $20 at our Con Store, usable during the convention to purchase any items we have for sale!

16 hours of Volunteering will give you a FREE base admission to Furnal Equinox 2020!

To apply to Volunteer, fill out the form in the VOLUNTEERING tab. If you’ve volunteered before and we already have your information, feel free to just reach out to volunteers@furnalequinox.com and talk to us about how you’d like to contribute this year.

Staff Rewards

Staff get a little extra on top of what Volunteers would otherwise get for the same amount of time.

Staff are assumed to be putting in at least 16 hours worth of time towards the convention, and receive FREE base admission to Furnal Equinox 2019.

In addition, instead of the $20 Con Store credit that Volunteers get, you get $30 of Con Store credit.

As an additional perk, we’ll be offering a Staff Lounge with snacks and water to keep you fueled and rested outside of time spent working. Volunteers and General Attendees are not permitted in this space, however, so if you want to hang out with friends, feel free to take a snack with you!

Specific openings we’re searching for can be found on the STAFFING tab. To apply as Staff, send an email to volunteers@furnalequinox.com, and if you’re not already working with our team, please fill out the form on the VOLUNTEERING tab.



Our volunteers take time out of their busy schedules, giving their spare hours to make sure the convention runs successfully. Without them, Furnal Equinox simply wouldn’t happen. As our convention grows, we try to offer more to our attendees, and that requires us to constantly grow our volunteer team. Simply let us know by filling out our Volunteer form below, or by e-mailing us at volunteers@furnalequinox.com.



Staffing is a larger time investment, and usually involves duties before the convention as well as during. Our core team of Staff, Department Heads, and Directors work closely together to make sure the inner workings and fine details of our events go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to apply to any of the roles below, contact us at volunteers@furnalequinox.com.

Security Team Member – Staff

The Security Team is a customer service department, focusing on assisting attendees in a general capacity as well as providing a source of safety at event.

Core Responsibilities

  • Answering general attendee questions and directing them to locations where they can get further information (Convention Operations, Information Desk).
  • Monitoring the Convention space and serving as a representative of the Staff Team to identify issues of various types and to assist with resolution.
  • Assist in managing the lines for large events.

Loading Coordinator/Driver (2) – Staff

Our currently available Loading Coordinator/Driver roles require a G-class or higher license and some previous truck driving experience. A personal background check is required for this role, since it involves handling sensitive and/or private information. For this position, applicants will need a clean driver’s abstract, which will be paid for by the convention.

The Loading Coordinator/Driver position gets equipment for the con and AEO events to and from our venues!

Core Responsibilities

  • Working Thursday morning for load-in and Sunday night for pack-up/load-out immediately before and after FE
  • Working load-in and pack-up/load-out for other AEO events as needed (e.g. Furnal Solstice)
  • Driving a 20 ft. truck on city streets and highways, as well as loading bays
  • Directing volunteers for loading, offloading and staging

With regards to this position, previous experience with loading and securing truck contents and loading/offloading is also desired.

Registration Supervisor – Staff

All of our available roles in Registration benefit from experience in fast-paced customer service environments. Training will be provided prior to the convention. A personal background check is required for this role, since it involve handling sensitive and/or private information.

The first faces attendees see at the convention are those at Registration—and of course, first impressions are everything! As Registration Supervisor, you’ll be one of those faces. You’ll also be in charge of keeping lines running efficiently and effectively.

Core Responsibilities

  • Managing a group of Registration team members and addressing attendee escalations
  • Assisting with customer service prior to the convention through online ticketing systems

With regards to this position, previous experience in management is a plus. Experience using web-based systems for data entry, in addition to experience with cash handling/payment processing, is strongly desired.

Art Coordinator – Department Head

Furnal Equinox’s brand is wrapped up in the designs seen on our website, social media pages, conbooks, and more. The Art Coordinator manages this aspect of the convention’s brand and puts together design assets to give the event powerful visual appeal. A personal background check is required for this role, since it involves handling sensitive and/or private information.

Core Responsibilities

  • Providing regular reports and submitting budget proposals and requests on behalf of the department
  • Overseeing overall graphic design and brand management of our yearly event, focusing both on the given year’s as well as the overarching convention’s brand
  • Coordinating with artistic volunteers to provide formally requested art assets to give the convention a polished look
  • Specific asset examples include registration badges, promotional buttons, Conbook content and covers, and so on

With regards to this position, experience with Adobe or equivalent products, artistic production and brand management are strongly desired. Small team management and collaboration are also strongly recommended.